How do I know what size stove I need?

When calculating the size of Stove (Kw), you need to know the volume you are going to heat.

Calculating this is simple, but you do need to take into account how well insulated the room or rooms are.  You need to be aware that supplementary heat (radiators) will have an impact on the calculation if they are being used as well.

 A simple basic guide is to:

1/ Measure the volume you wish to heat. You need the height, length and width in meters.

2/ Then multiply each (Height x Length x Width).  This gives you the volume.  If you have an unusually shaped room you may need to calculate part volumes of the room separately and then add them together.

3/  For a well insulated house 25 m3 will require approximately 2 kW (Kilowatt) of heat.  Remember this is a guide and you will need more heat if your house is less well insulated.

 If you are in doubt please contact us and we will be happy to give you some informal advice.



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